By Danny Yamamoto

Trying New Things

In October of 2018 my wife died of cancer. It was as terrible a one could imagine. What helped me most was my incredibly wonderful family and friends. Still grieving after several months, I realized that I had this space in my life and that I should do something with it. With the influence of podcasts from Tom Bilyeu, Rich Roll, and others I decided it was time to try some new things. My first baby steps were to meditate and journal every morning. I had dabbled in both but never with consistency. After a few weeks Dan called me and asked if Iíd be willing to switch roles in the band from drummer to Taiko player/percussionist/keyboardist. He told me he wanted to expand the sonic palette of the band without having to hire three more players. Iíd been telling myself to do new things and now I had to walk the walk. So after forty plus years of being Hiroshimaís drummer Iím doing something new. Itís been about ten months and Iím still not comfortable with my new role. Quite frankly itís been more pain than pleasure but I know that I canít change and grow without discomfort. Being uncomfortable is price of admission. Will I be happier down the road? Will I learn? I donít know. Right now Iím trying new things.