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It is a breath of fresh air to know that the legendary, super contemporary jazz musical group Hiroshima is creating great new music on their own record label. Hiroshima's "Departure" album continues this Asian influenced musical group awesome vibes on a definitely positive way on what is a 5 star production. The opening tune "Have You Ever Wondered" which features it's only guest in Tetsuya "Tex" Nakamura on Harmonica opens up the exquisite CD in a Stevie Wonder type of way. And that is saying a lot when you make comparisons to the great Stevie Wonder. More than adequate Koto playing by the great June Kuramoto shows up on this great opening track.

Meanwhile, "Koto Cruise" lives up to its name with a lot of serious Koto playing by Mrs. Kuramoto and superb keyboard work by Kimo Cornwell also has to be mentioned. "Blues For Sendai" is a rather positive tune commemorating the Japanese tragedy of March, 2011 which seems so far away. A meaningful flute solo by band leader of Hiroshima Dan Kuramoto is of noteworthy discussions. Again the fabulous keyboard work of Mr. Kimo Cornwell shows up on this tune in addition to June's marvelous Koto playing.

The up tempo and funky "Smiling Jack" is the tune on the "Departure" album which makes you want to dance. Kimo Cornwell's B3 Hammond Organ wok is of epic proportions. "See You Again" on the other hand is a mellow tune with great harmonies on the Koto by Mrs. Kuramoto. It has touches of Hiroshima's mega hit "Thousand Cranes" which is saying a lot. "Yamasong Duet" is a Taiko and throat singing tune composed by the great Shoji Kameda and features his amazing skills.

"First Nation" a Kimo Cornwell composition portrays the warrior power of indigenous tribes. Great keyboard work by Mr. Cornwell and Koto playing by June Kuramoto is evident on this glorious tune. Hiroshima's "Departure" album ends on two remakes in the super hit "Thousand Cranes" which is at the same time like and different from the original which makes for interesting listening. "One Wish" a trio of Kimo Cornwell on the keyboards, Dan Kuramoto on the flutes and Mrs. Kuramoto on the Koto rounds out a superb CD. Enough said!!!

"Brother" Dean Nagasako - 91.7 KAHU FM Radio Announcer on the Cool Jazz Show
The Cool Jazz Show airs Saturday's from 8:00 p.m. to 10 p.m. Hawaii time



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