Music Danny Likes

Beatboxer Korean FX just blows my mind.  Here's  one of my favorite youtube clips of his.

Anything  by Miles Davis but  especially
        Miles  Smiles
        Miles Live at the  Fillmore
        Live  Evil
Igor  Stravinsky  The Rite of Spring
Samuel Barber    Adagio for Strings
Anything by Johann Sebastian  Bach but especially
        The  Brandenburg  Concertos
        Concerto for 2  Violins
        Air On a G String  
        And I love to fumble my  way through his 2 Part Inventions on piano.
Pink (songs),   Just Give Me A Reason andTry
Vijay Iyer (album)   Accelerando
Gyorgi Ligeti   Atmospheres
Terry Bozzio
He's the solo drum set  artist.  Here's one of many clips he's got on Youtube,

Arto  Tuncboyaciyan

There's  a lot more I could add but these came to mind.  



: Music Danny Likes

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