by Kimo Cornwell

Sorry for taking so long to update our Sukoshi Bits everybody. We’ll try to keep it more current in the future. We really appreciate all of you who continue to check in to our website to see what we’re up to. It means a lot to us!

I just wanted to touch on a couple of things in this installment. First of all, we’re excited about the band’s next recording project. The concept we’re toying with for this is a retrospective of some of our classic Hiroshima songs from past albums and cds. One of the reasons for doing this is to afford our fans a chance to be able to experience these songs that have not been available to the public for a while…they’ve been unavailable for various reasons from some of our previous record companies. Some of the songs being considered are Da-Da, Roomful Of Mirrors, Save Yourself For Me, Long Walks, Winds Of Change, and One Wish, just to name a few. We are also looking into the possibilitiy of having some special guest artists come in and add their special magic to a song or two.

And kudos to our record company, Heads Up, for being so supportive and trusting in the freedom that they give us in the musical directions we take. Our band has a lot of eclectic musical ideas to pull from, so it’s always fun and intersting to see what we’ll be able to come up with each time. So, for some of these songs we may stick to the original arrangement and others…see if we can put a different spin on it and enhance the story line.

Secondly, we are in the infant stage of thinking about the possibility of recording a live DVD of the band. I think we all know it’s about time, but there are some important details that have to be dealt with first. Like figuring out a budget…and then deciding on the right venue to have the live filming and recording done at. We’ll keep you informed as that project starts to take shape.

Thirdly, touring…This is always an on-going issue through out the year for us. Usually, it’s Dan who is continuously checking with our management and booking agency to see how we can keep adding to the performing dates we already have. We love to get out there to connect with as much of -YOU-our fans, as we can. Trying to figure out how we can get from point A, to point B, and beyond becomes a constant challenge for everyone involved. Airfares, hotel rates, and so on are all going up up up. But with a little help from our road manager, John Chung, the issues what ever they may be, usually get resolved. Then, sometimes it becomes a nightmare to deal with, and we have to bail till a later date. So, please keep refering to our touring page to see if we’ll be coming to a town near you!

Lastly….we know times are tough for everyone right now. Gas prices are through the roof…rice, flour, and just food in general is on the rise. I’m hoping, like you and a lot of other people, that a change is going to happen! That change, can’t come soon enough, but hopefully it will be coming later this year. Till then, I’d just like to say that we doubley appreciate those of you who manage to make it out to come see us whenever you can. We understand that there are a lot of sacrifices being made by everyone. Thank you for your continued support!!

Well, I’ll say Aloha for now. Till the next downbeat…

Peace, Kimo


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